Reviews are in!

"I already own a number of miniature firearms, and am always looking to add to my collection...I was not disappointed when I received my 1879 Tombstone Gallery Gun. Truly an outstanding little gem!"

Danny C. , Scottsdale, AZ

"When I saw your new Gallery Guns in an online publication, I couldn't believe that a new company was now offering miniature replicas of some of my favorite firearms! That in itself was exciting...but to see that they were also very reasonably priced, really sold me! I'm now the proud owner of a 1879 Tombstone and 1854 Volcanic Pistol!"

Miles T. , Sacramento, CA

"As a collector of all things cool, I have to say that I really enjoy owning one of your little Gallery Guns (1854 Volcanic). I think that the fit and finish of this little gun is outstanding...and the fact that I can actually shoot it if I want, is totally,!"

James H. , Los Angeles, CA

"I take your Volcanic Pistol with me on my hikes through our local forest, and use it to plink at tin cans, etc. It's actually accurate out to 25 feet or so! Never fails to put a smile on my face!"

John L. , York, PA

"Hi David,

I just received my little Volcanic Pistol, and I have to say that I'm absolutely thrilled! It really is a beautiful little gun, and you spared no expense on the presentation as well as accessories, and the paperwork! I think you really have something here! Man I tell ya, I'm handling this with white gloves...I love this little gun! It truly is a work of art! You did a great job on's a wonderful representation of the original Volcanic Pistol, one of which I own. Keep up the good work and let me know you'll have your next models available."

Earl H. , Tampa Bay, Florida

1854 Volcanic Pistol #0028

"First, let me say thank you for expending the time, energy, and resources, to bring these wonderful little guns to the market! I've been an avid admirer of traditional Miniature Firearms for a long time now, and your Gallery Guns are just the ticket for those that can't afford to invest in expensive one-off antiques! Also, you folks were a pleasure to deal with...many thanks!"

Ken R. , New York, NY

"I was lucky enough to note the advertisement for BURKE GALLERY GUNS in an issue of FIREARMS NEWS. As an extensive collector of high end eclectic firearms and all things that project, I was intrigued. After much research, I “pulled the trigger” and purchased the VOLCANIC and the TOMBSTONE, the two current models available.

After a very short wait, they arrived perfectly boxed, and I was STUNNED by their construction, presentation and overall fit and finish!! They are in short, magnificent pieces, and aside from the aforementioned, practical shooters with accuracy and simplicity of use!!

I have shown to many of my friends with similar interests, and they too were greatly impressed!!

I subsequently purchased ANOTHER Tombstone, and that and the VOLCANIC not only serve as beautiful display pieces, but being able to take them down and SHOOT THEM is an added bonus. I am anxiously awaiting the completion and marketing of their LEMAT, which to me is one of the finest examples of Black Powder pistols.

In addition, David Burke, the owner and creator, is an excellent representative of his product and a joy to work with. If you are in the market for the highest end product in this scale, the price charged is more than commensurate to what you will receive, and honestly, the price/ value far exceeds other similar items I have acquired the past 35 years.


Howard T. , Las Vegas, NV